Often times people ask, “Why colored pencils?”   

 For starters, they do not require all the liquids and setup time required for more traditional mediums.  Because of that, they are very portable and a great medium for on-the-go.  I like that I can just sit down and start working.    

 I love the challenge of colored pencil work….the subtle layering to develop the color little by little.  I love the surprise of layering and blending colors to achieve a specific hue or tone.  For me, getting all those little details is much easier with colored pencil and it is so exciting to watch a picture evolve.    I also like that it is a medium that continues to grow and stretch and step outside of the box.  They can be used on stone, porcelain, glass, ceramic, canvas, and wood as well as mixing with other mediums especially watercolor, pastels, and alcohol ink. Because they are available in different hardnesses and pigment bases, there is little you cannot achieve. There is always something new to learn.  Just when you think you’ve just about learned all there is, someone comes out with a new technique, or paper, or pencil.  That makes the medium so exciting.   

 The one drawback is that it is a very slow medium.  Because they are mixed, layer by layer, directly on the surface you are working in, it takes a lot of time, but the results are fabulous.  I think I see this the most when drawing animals.  The fur detail you can achieve is often surprising, even to the artist – Lol!     But, I do find that slower pace is often very relaxing.  Sometimes I get so lost in it I lose all track of time. If you haven’t given colored pencils a try, I hope you will sometime soon!  

You might just be surprised how much you like them!   

        I’d like to introduce you to our Director of Social Engagement….Gypsy!  Gypsy has been with us for about 4 years now.  She was a stray in our neighborhood until she asked if she could live with us – Of course, we said, “YES!”  How could anyone say ‘no’ to those gorgeous eyes?   She often reminds me when it is time to get up from the drawing board and get outside.  She also likes to be included in what is going on by checking out the board from time to time while she gets a scratch behind her ears. Gypsy is extremely friendly and like to get ‘up-close-and-personal’ with visitors and has never met a stranger.  She has been a great addition to our home and to the studio! 

Until next week, keep those pencils moving….and draw your own path.