What Now?

When finishing a piece of artwork recently, I found myself asking, 'Well, what are you going to do now?"  This was unusual for me as I usually have all my projects planned out and start mentally planning the next project halfway through the current project.  

There's a commercial that talks about finding yourself in a 'show hole' when the series you have been binge watching comes to an end.  I guess what I was experiencing was a bit of an 'art hole.'It was a very strange feeling not have the next project at the ready.  But, this did give me an opportunity to think about why I choose the subjects and composition for my artwork.  

In the beginning, I confess, I drew what I thought would sell which resulted in a lot of the art still hanging on my walls.  then someone said, "Draw what you love. Don't think about whether or not it will sell."  Being a full-time artist who depends on sales, that was a difficult concept to embrace and apply.  But, I thout I would try it out since the approach I had been following wasn't working.

So, I went back through my photo references and only pulled out the ones that caused some type of response in me.  I only pulled out photos that caused some type of reaction in me. Fuzzy faces, dramatic sunsets, and photos that seemed to tell a story of some sort began accumulating beside me.  Before I knew it, I had more projects than time - which seems to be the other challenge for an artist.  But, at least I know what I will be working on in the days, months, weeks to come.  

Here's Buddy!!

Please allow me to introduce you to another of our studio members.  This is Buddy.  Buddy is also a rescue and has been with us for about 10+ years.  We aren't sure of his age, but we know he is definitely a senior.  Buddy like to make sure that we adhere to the rules for naptime and feedg tims and lets us know right away if we are close to infringing upon those rule.  For that reason, he is our  Director of HR.