Taking Chances

 This month, I have been working on my very first online tutorial for release by the end of this week..... talk about 'taking a chance', right?  I have gone through the gambit of thoughts ranging from self-doubt to wondering how many more tutorials I could put out this year to being ready to pull my hair out over technology glitches.  But, the one thought kept coming back to my mind; more of a question really....why are you doing this?  

The first thought was that it may be a source of income, and perhaps it may be.  But, the most constant and overwhelming thought was that I love sharing what I know about colored pencils with other people. 

I teach in-person classes locally and when someone in one of the classes gets excited about colored pencils, it absolutely thrills me - not because that makes me a good teacher, but because someone elase has found the same joy and excitement that I have in the medium of colored pencils.  Sometimes people may realize that they have a knack or a gift for working with colored pencils.  Some may experience peace or relaxation that they haven't with other mediums.  Whatever it is, they leave the class with something they didn't have when they walked in and it is something they are excited about.  And that is a wonderful thing one person can give to or share with another person....something to get excited about.  

So I am taking a chance by putting a video tutorial out in hopes that someone else will take a chance by watching the tutorial to learn about something they know little about or something they already know about, but would like to learn more.  

I'd like to close by asking, "What are you willing to take a chance on?"  What is there out there that may be intriguining or fascinating that you could get excited about if you would just take a chance?